A little bit of London in the heart of Parkhurst


The Station departed from London in 2016 on the Southern line to South Africa, its first stop was Cape Town Platform Bree Street and we are now finally set to depart on the Northern line for Johannesburg first stop platform 4th avenue Parkhurst travelers are reminded to “mind the gap” as they enter Parkhurst’s hottest new eatery!

The House Of London brings you The Station Parkhurst!
The Station is a melting pot of cultures from around the world!
Board the train and enjoy a coffee before work, a meeting spot for business moves, a great place for a delicious lunch, the perfect location for dinner and the hottest spot in town to wind down with a cocktail in hand!

The Station is proud to be an award-winning gin bar! Join us and experience a Gin tasting like no other we hold over 150 gins giving you an unforgettable international and local Gin trip!

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